LED Walkabout Bongos

"Fill the dance-floor with colour with immersive roaming LED Bongos"

About the Act:

Eliot is a highly experienced percussionist having performed in clubs and private events all around the UK and internationally. Eliot’s performance is unique, as he can bring the bongos off the stage and into the crowd, bringing the party to life with an immersive experience right on the dance floor. Attached around the waist, using a wireless microphone, the LED Bongos are completely mobile and will light up any venue. Eliot will typically perform as part of a DJ+Musician package, and can play alongside any style of music and songs at your event.

LED Walkabout Bongos


LED Bongos
For Weddings, Private parties, Nightclubs, Bars, and Corporate Events
Performing as part of a DJ+Live musician package. (DJ booked separately). Can be performed as a walkabout act (roaming around the venue) or static (eg on a stage or podium). Maximum performance time of 2 hours. Recommended set lengths of 15-20 minutes with breaks in-between.
£ 300

Song List

The sound and rhythms of the bongos can be played over all styles of music, but works especially well with House, Disco, Pop and Latin styles.


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